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Close-ups of Designer's Choice Awards that Robert-Lawrence Designs has won.

Awards and Reviews


Designer's Choice Awards


Best Silk-Florals

Best Silk-Florals


Designer's Choice Awards



Designer's Choice Awards


Best Silk-Florals


Designer's Choice Awards


Best Silk-Florals


Designer's Choice Awards




Reviews from Interior Designers

An open-floorplan kitchen with tone-on-tone beiges and creams. On the center of the kitchen island there is a grand silk floral arrangement of a white phalenopsis orchid in a silver container.

Robert-Lawrence has the ability to bring layers of textures into floral arrangements while still keeping them clean – nothing ever looks overdone. Their impeccable eye is able to create even balance from all angles of an arrangements. Pieces are hand-tailored and floral choices are are hand picked with designers to create a truly custom piece for you or your client.  

– Shannon Green of Shannon Rae Interiors

A large and expansive living area with two couches  and decorative wall art. In both the left and right corners of the room stand silk floral arrangements of white phalenopsis orchids.

Robert Lawrence Designs is always a go-to for us at Dallas Design Group for beautiful arrangements customized to fit each client perfectly. Their customer service is phenomenal from the communication process to allowing hands-on input with the selection and placement of materials. RLD stays true to the timeline given and never disappoints.”

– Margaret Haneberg of Dallas Design Group 

A red console table with a golden vase with artificial blossoming branches on the left, and an oriental statue to the right. A golden mirror hangs above the console table. To the right of the table, there is a bit of a custom-made faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

I am happy to recommend Robert-Lawrence Designs! I have worked with these guys for many years in my interior design business and they have created wonderful arrangements, plants, trees, unique accessories and are a delight to work with! I can not recommend them highly enough. They are my go-to guys for completing a project. 

– Dona Rosene of Dona Rosene Interiors

A close-up shot of a faux succulent and preserved moss wall. The closest artficial succulent is of great quality and red-tinted on the tips.

 I was incredibly impressed by how realistic Robert Lawrence Designs’ floral arrangements looked! Their arrangements are fresh, chic, and will last forever. The perfect combination when investing in floral arrangements and house plants, especially when your arrangement happens to be more elaborate.

– Jacquin of Interiors by Jacquin

An up-close image of a dining table silk floral arrangment. The arrangement includes artificial white phalenopsis orchid with grasses and various filler flower.

Designing a curated environment for our clients involves many layers to produce a fully cohesive vision. Robert-Lawrence Designs has been a prominent layer and collaborator of ours for many years, helping to achieve that perfect space. The team, knowledge, and craftsmanship of product produced by Robert-Lawrence Designs has always been unparalleled in the industry, down to the personalized installations performed by Rusty and Kent themselves ... It is without fail that our clients are always in awe of the designs we commission RLD.

-Grayson Knight of Layered Dimensions Interior Design 

An orange and blue themed sitting room is well decorated and aesthetically pleasing. In the left hand side of the image stands a custom and artifical Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

Robert Lawrence Designs has created beautiful artificial trees, plants and arrangements for my clients for over 10 years. They are very respectful of my budget and deadline. Each member of this creative team is an absolute joy to work with. I love lasting trees, plants and flowers. They require no care and they add height, softness and a bit of greenery to the indoors. Artificials are included in my designs from conception on each and every project. If they’re good enough for MY home, they’re good enough for my clients!

– Cheryl Ketner of Cheryl Ketner Interiors

Reviews from Etsy

Close-up of a custom dried driftwood and artificial succulent arrangement

Wow! Another unique and special faux floral design purchase from Robert Lawrence Design. Love it! This is my third purchase over the past year and like the others, it did not disappoint. The quality of the florals RLD selects for their creations are so realistic that they fool all of my guests. These are really believable. The vessels and containers are gorgeous, too. All put together? Truly special designs in every aspect of their creation! I live in the Chicago area and have many options for making these purchases locally but they pale in comparison to what I find at this shop in terms of unique, high-quality, head-turning florals when adding a needed finishing touch to a room in my home or something new to a tired space. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences shopping at Robert Lawrence Design! Highly recommend! - Etsy user karenaperville 

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