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Neena Buxani


Neena Buxani is an Indian-American artist who was raised on the border of Mexico in Brownsville, Texas. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and two boys.  Neena’s paintings have been chosen to be a part of numerous shows, galleries and venues.  Her works have been purchased by Private Collectors all over the world.

Currently, Neena is working with two styles of painting. The first style utilizes alcohol ink to create medium to large-scale abstract gemstones, which she has titled her “Jewel Collection”. Growing up in a family of jewelers, Neena was always surrounded by beautiful gems and crystals. Her love of gemstones drove her to acquire a Gemology Certification from the Gemological Institute of America.  The magic brought to the world by gems has inspired her to celebrate them through the use of bold color and inviting textures.

Neena Buxani’s second style is more representational. She uses colors often found in her “Jewel Collection” to create large-scale florals and Goddesses. She has a strong desire to extract the positivity that radiates from flowers and Goddesses and transfer it onto canvas. She carefully selects a color-scheme, pattern and composition for each painting that she feels will showcase the powerful emotions she wants the painting to reflect.

Going from one style to the other on any given day, allows her the satisfaction of exercising different parts of her brain, leaving her content in her own right. 

Large Works on Panel

Larger Framed Works on Paper

11x14 Framed Works on Paper

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