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Marcy Cook

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Painting is an extension of self and is ultimately a way to see, translate and interpret the intangible. Through Marcy’s lens, light and life present differently – With a BFA in painting from Baylor University, her work is a response to this light, these movements and connections in our world. Thriving off of the idea that everything in creation testifies to a Creator who delights in beauty for the sake of beauty – Marcy aims to capture the UNSEEN, but FELT elements of a moment; the light, sound, energy and weight – to deconstruct and then reconstruct her surroundings, ultimately invoking the ideas of rest, peace, movement, grace and light.

Marcy’s art is a form of abstraction, conveying and aiming to capture moments of delight. Inspired by her work in floral design and also a response to intentional + consistent travel, music and literature, she works primarily with paint, pastels, pencil, charcoal, guild, collage and spray paint.

After 6+ years of floral + event design work at her company, Stems of Dallas, Marcy now works as a full-time artist at her studio based in Dallas, Texas.

 For a full list of available works as well as inquires please email