Kelsey Nickerson

Kelsey Nickerson.jpg

Texas-based artist Kelsey Nickerson makes abstract paintings that are informed by mapping
personal movements. The result is a visual language that reflects the process of each particular
work. The traces of her process are a record of time and movement shifting between the discovery
of forms and unveiling of buried layers. Kelsey loves the process of creating new work and surprises
that emerge along the way.

Kelsey is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and now lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. She
received a BFA from Connecticut College and her work can be found in private and corporate
collections across the United States.


Her abstract paintings are alive with rich color, texture and movement. Kelsey’s work is influenced
by map making and mapping the relationship between color and space.
Kelsey creates with layered shapes but does not intend to reference recognizable elements and
hopes that interpretations easily shift.

The artist has additional colorways available in this style and in more sizes, please email thomas@robertlawrencedesigns.com with inquiries.