Claire Chauvin


Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, Claire Chauvin spent most of her childhood and adolescence living in Norway, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Scotland. She now lives and works in Houston, Texas. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Houston in 1997.  She is a resident at Box13 Artspace in Houston.


"To say that Claire Chauvin’s work is only about death, form, or anxiety about the future is somehow too simple. They are all of that. The continuous backdrop paradoxically suggests an endless landscape and a stiflingly closed off space. The flowers are alive, but dying. The colors are vivid, but somehow unnatural, as if some machine at the heart of an artificial intelligence is pumping out all the possibilities of color. Man-made materials meet organic forms in a naturally-lit, but saturated, unreal atmosphere. Here, as in the paintings of the Netherlandish masters, we see the ravages of time captured in an instant. The elegant curves of drooping flowers butt up against the hard edges of plastic, geometric forms. However, these images are not suggestive of an interrupted dinner party or reverie. They are too clean for that. Something vaguely alchemical lurks in the negative space, willing the viewer to discover the key to the mysteries within. Time passes through these images."


- Patrick Phipps


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