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Caroline Roberts


Robert Lawrence Designs is pleased to welcome Houston-based artist Caroline Roberts and her new body of work “Botanical Garden”, to Dallas. 


After moving our showroom to Dragon Street almost one year ago, RLD is excited to launch an art program dedicated to bringing contemporary artists and artwork the city. As a silk floral design studio, our showroom is filled with high-end artificial flora creating a nature-inspired interior. For our first set of programming, we want to extend this lush expanse of everlasting flora to the walls – by offering the botanical themed contemporary artwork of Caroline Roberts.



Born in the United Kingdom, Roberts lives and works in Houston, Texas. She received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Houston in 2015. The lumen process used by Roberts involves over-exposing black and white darkroom paper outdoors until it changes color. The plant is placed on the paper as it exposes, to make a photogram - a camera-less photograph. Exposure conditions such as dampness, light level, and humidity affect the color change of the paper as much as the chemistry, making each print unique and unrepeatable. 

 For art inquires please email thomas@robertlawrencedesigns.com